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A Perfect Pair: Jurassic Par & Dinosaur Gallery

March 15th, 2014

What do you get when you combine Jurassic Par at The WEB Extreme Entertainment and the Dinosaur Gallery in the Museum of Natural History & Science at the Cincinnati Museum Center? Lots of dinosaurs, for sure, plus a history lesson with an emphasis on fun, of course!

For starters, The WEB has taken the Jurassic Period experience up a notch at our Jurassic-themed blacklight indoor mini golf course. As you play through Jurassic Par, you’ll be surrounded by different types of dinosaurs that roamed the land in the period, courtesy of our new 10-foot wall of continually playing dinosaur animations.

You’re sure to spot an Allosaurus, a Stegosaurus, a Diplodocus and a Brachiosaurus, just to name a few. While our family-friendly (no gory scenes) dino video is captivating and certainly adds to the realism of our prehistoric jungle, be sure to watch out for the 17-foot tall Apatosaurus and 8-foot tall Velociraptor along the course!

Why our intense fascination with dinosaurs, you may ask? Well, did you know that dinosaurs roamed the Ohio land? Why they could have walked in the exact spot where The WEB is located! According to the Ohio Historical Society’s Ohio History Central, since Ohio was above sea level, dinosaurs no doubt roamed the land during the Mesozoic Era. Unfortunately, erosion destroyed any remnants of their remains, but you can certainly learn and have fun discovering the lost world of dinosaurs in the prehistoric jungle of Jurassic Par!

For a complete dinosaur-themed experience, we recommend starting out the day with a visit to the Cincinnati Museum Center to check out its dinosaur exhibits in the Museum of Natural History & Science. There, you can stand eye-to-eye with these fascinating beasts. The dinosaur exhibits include a 20-foot long Allosaurus skeleton, a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, and displays filled with fascinating information about the armored Ankylosaurus and the Dromaeosaurus, commonly known as the prehistoric cousin of birds. There’s also an awesome collection of fossils and casts from these extinct creatures. The Cincinnati Museum Center is located at 1301 Western Avenue in Cincinnati.

The museum is a short drive from The WEB, where you can complete your all dino day with a game of Jurassic Par and a bite to eat at our Winners Café restaurant. Then add the finishing touch with a refreshing treat from The Sweet Spot, featuring Cincinnati’s own Aglamesis Brothers ice cream.

The Dinosaur Gallery and Jurassic Par – there couldn’t be a more perfect pair for dinosaur enthusiasts to enjoy a realistic adventure through prehistoric times!