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Get Out of the Office with Corporate Team Building Activities at The WEB

March 15th, 2014

This is the time of year when spring fever sets in, and the workplace is no exception. Coming off the rush of the holidays makes the first quarter of the year a good time to review business goals and recharge employees. And what better way to do that than with corporate team building activities at The WEB Cincinnati. Our attractions may be fun, but when played as a team, they offer numerous benefits, like skill development, enhanced problem solving, improved team performance, reinforced core values, cohesiveness to accomplish goals and bonding among team members. To get started in realizing the benefits of team-centered activities at your company, here are some corporate team building pointers.

Planning a Team Building Event

The first step in planning a team building event is to set objectives that are in line with business goals. It might be to improve communication skills, address change management, resolve conflict, reward the team for past achievements, or just give employees a day to have fun and bond.

Next, decide on the scope of the team building session. It could be for the entire office, one department, a team being formed to work on a certain project, an entire division, or multiple departments who need to work together on business objectives.

Then, establish a date that works for all participating employees and send out a communication that explains the objectives of the team building event.

Finally, contact The WEB to schedule your corporate team building event. Your business can reserve a few hours, a half day, a full day, even an overnight, whatever works best for you and your employees. We can also accommodate teams coming in before or after shifts so daily production is not impacted. Any accommodations and special times your company needs, our indoor team building venue is flexible to meet them.

Choosing Your Team Building Games

Whatever your team building objectives may be, The WEB has attractions to complement them. If you’re looking to build on strategic and creative thinking, leadership skill development, problem solving, trust among team members, conflict resolution, or team communication, then Laser Web (also available at our Dayton location) and Jurassic Par mini golf are the ideal team building games.

For team building sessions aimed at enhancing team morale and camaraderie, encouraging teamwork, fostering quick thinking, building confidence, or just giving employees a stress reliever, then our Inside Track go-kart racing and Hang Ten team bowling fit the bill.

If your team building objectives are to encourage team members to think creatively, resolve challenging situations, solve problems, or master skills, a team challenge in our arcade makes an ideal team building activity.

You can choose one or more WEB attractions to meet your goals. With our meeting rooms and on-site food service, you have the option of combining team building sessions with business meetings or a team luncheon or dinner. But no matter how you design your team building event, employees will have fun while becoming stronger team members to carry out your business goals.

Reinforce Business Objectives

After your team building day at The WEB, the experiences, skills and lessons learned during team building activities should be reinforced as much as possible back at the workplace. Our attractions provide a memorable reference to help employees recall actions and methods that led to better outcomes when striving to achieve business objectives.

If necessary, you can plan follow-up team building activities at The WEB to address other issues that may impact the team’s effectiveness in meeting goals, or to help new employees get on track with the team’s approach.

Whatever your business team building needs may be, you can rely on The WEB to apply our expertise to ensure the event is a success. We look forward to hosting your team at The WEB!