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How to Win at Our Jurassic Par Mini Golf

February 6th, 2014

Psssst…wanna know a secret?
Here it is: It is possible to finish under par playing our Jurassic Par nine-hole, blacklight mini-golf course. Those who have accomplished this amazing feat might not be extinct like the Velociraptor or Apatasaurus along the course, but they are far and few between!

And here’s another secret: You can actually become part of the elite group who achieved the worthy status of master mini golfer here at The WEB. We’re going to reveal right here the tips and tricks on how to win at miniature golf in general. But more than that, we went to those select few WEB staff members who actually came in under par playing Jurassic Par and they agreed to share their Jurassic Par strategy. So get ready to be schooled in Mini-Golf 101, Jurassic Par style!

1. Let your eyes adjust. Blacklight adds a whole different challenge to playing miniature golf. As you approach each Jurassic Par hole, give your eyes a few seconds to adjust to the neon colors, the vibrant scenery and the shadowy areas on the green.

2. Study the hole layout. Each of the nine holes of our mini-golf course are filled with twists, turns, angles, inclines and challenging moving and stationary obstacles, like volcanoes, trees, loops, boulders, ramps and everything else you’d expect to find in a prehistoric jungle.

3. Try to find the most direct route from the tee to the hole that bypasses obstacles. If the obstacles are unavoidable, analyze the angle for an awesome bank shot off the barrier and into the hole!

4. Use the corners and angles to your advantage. Hit the sweet spot just right and it will get your ball close to the hole, or better yet, a hole in one!

5. Line up your shot. There’s three key steps for this one. First, look at the position of the hole in relation to the tee. Next, take into account the distance from the tee to the hole. Third, imagine a line from the tee to the hole and line up your putter (that’s mini-golf talk for a golf club) perpendicular to the line.

6. Choose your tee position wisely. On the Jurassic Par course, you can place your ball anywhere within the designated tee area. Some positions offer better angles than others, which lining up your shot will reveal.

7. Check your posture. Mom will be proud, plus standing up straight and tall, shoulders back is the best mini-golf position. Then firmly grip the putter, square up the club head and swing from the shoulders, not the wrist. This ensures the middle section of your putter hits the ball head-on for a nice, clean, straight shot.

8. Nice, smooth strokes. The layout of the green will help you determine how hard or soft to hit the ball, but once you’ve got your stroke down, you’re golden. The trick is to putt the ball moderately so you don’t offset the way you are aiming your shot. This also sets you up nicely for your next shot, unless of course you get a hole in one!

9. Learn from others. Volunteer to go last so you can watch how others in your party play the hole. You’ll learn how the ball rolls on the course, where it may speed up or slow down, what to do to make a good shot and what to avoid.

10. Practice makes perfect. Play Jurassic Par as much as possible. The more you do, the more you’ll get to know the nuances of the course and be able to master them.

Now that you have the insider’s track on how to win at miniature golf, come on in to The WEB and try out the tips and tricks. In no time, you’ll become a master miniature golfer of Jurassic Par, too!