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Trends in Kids Birthday Cakes

February 25th, 2014

If you’re having your child’s birthday party at a trendy place like The WEB Extreme Entertainment, then shouldn’t your child have a trendy birthday cake, too? Since you can bring in your own birthday cake when holding a kids birthday party at The WEB, we thought you might like to know what’s cool when it comes to kids birthday cakes. Here’s what we found out from checking with local bakeries and doing some online research.

Customized Birthday Cakes Are In!

Cincinnati bakeries rock when it comes to custom-shaped birthday cakes. There’s no end to their creativity. They’ve custom-designed cakes in the shape of Air Jordan sneakers, designer handbags, Angry Birds, school sports team mascots, Pokemon types and robots, just to name a few.

Doodle cakes are a big trend in 2014, with party guests getting into the action custom decorating the fondant icing with edible markers. Older kids are into tie-dye cakes, which are customized with six layers of cake, all in different colors.

Push pop cakes are back in vogue, inspired from the 1990s push pop candy trend. They’re made by alternating layers of circular cake cuttings, fruit and frosting in a plastic push up pop container.

Another cool trend emerging is cone cakes. Yep, it’s exactly what you think. Cake baked in a sugar ice cream cone and decorated with frosting and sprinkles. Don’t forget the cherry or red candy on top!

Also trendy are flower pot cakes that hold a “mud” cake in a food-grade flower pot that can be iced and decorated in any flavor and style. The pot is ideal for transporting and no-mess eating – simply top with ice cream and dig in with a spoon!

Trendsetting Themed Birthday Cakes

Whether making your child’s birthday cake yourself or ordering one from one of the many bakeries in the Cincinnati area, you can’t go wrong with a themed birthday cake based on your child’s age and interests. A sheet cake, round cake, multi-tiered cake, or layered cake can be cut and/or decorated to reflect any sort of theme.

Trends in themed birthday cakes for kids tend to go the traditional route, with princess, ballerina, cowboy, sports, farm scene, construction site, fish, rainbow, a carousel and circus-carnival always popular.

Character cakes are always trendy, too, like Hello Kitty and favorites from Sesame Street, the Muppets and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles always popular. And always on trend are superheroes, from Batman to Spider-Man.

Also big with kids for a birthday cake theme is what’s popular on television or in the movie theater, like The Lego Movie, Cars 2, Free Birds, the Muppets and anything Disney. Right now, Olaf, the character from Disney’s Frozen is all the rage.

Flavors Take the Cake

When it comes to kids, the more flavorful the better. Sure, the classic yellow and chocolate cake flavors are still in, but kids are trending toward multi-flavored cakes, like marble and the Neapolitan with chocolate, strawberry and white cakes. Other trendy cake flavors are carrot, orange, pumpkin, spice, red velvet, tres leches, raspberry and the Southern hummingbird with its crushed pineapple, bananas and pecans.

Fillings and frostings beyond the traditional chocolate and vanilla are also the latest craze, with flavors like strawberry, coffee, flavored cream cheese, peanut butter, Bavarian cream, almond butter cream, Oreo mousse, white chocolate and even fresh fruit, particularly berries.

Think Beyond Cake

Perhaps the biggest trend with kids birthday cakes is that they’re not cake at all. Extremely popular with kids of all ages are cupcakes arranged in a cake shape; a donut cake (a cake-size donut or mini donuts arranged in the shape of a cake); a big (we’re talking 16-inch) chocolate chip cookie cake; a Rice Krispies cake creation (or use Fruity Pebbles for a more colorful cake); Pinata sugar cookies stuffed with sweet surprises; and cake pops.

As with cakes, these alternative birthday cakes can be customized and decorated in all sorts of themes and shapes to match your child’s interests.

No matter what type of birthday cake your child picks, one thing is for certain – it’s going to be yummy!