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We’re in a Music Video!

March 15th, 2014

We admit it, we can’t stop talking about the music video for the song, All I Need, by Empire Circus. But can you blame us? The WEB Extreme Entertainment has a featured role in it! Yep, that’s our Hang Ten miniature bowling (at 0.51 seconds in), arcade games (at 0.59 seconds) and Inside Track go karting (at 1.14) attractions being enjoyed by the young couple who are the focus of the All I Need storyline. Which goes to show you, The WEB is the perfect date night spot!

We even got a special thanks mention in the music video’s credits. It was great fun having Empire Circus film their debut single at The WEB, but we never imagined how much our attractions would play a role (you never know what will end up on the editing floor!). It was an awesome time watching the production crew set up and shoot the different scenes.

We’re liking the music style of the four piece alt pop group, too. Lots of rhythm and melody. You could say their sound takes some influences from Arcade Fire, Two Door Cinema Club and Gorillaz, but Empire Circus brings its own signature resonant sound. And the guys write their own songs, too.

All I Need is the third single off the self-titled debut album from Empire Circus and The WEB is honored to be part of it. Add us to the group’s growing base of fans! The official release of the single is March 3, 2014, but the music video was posted on YouTube on February 22 and is already creating quite a buzz. It’s a great song and music video, although we’re probably bias seeing that we’re in it. Check it out for yourself:


Next time you’re at The WEB Cincinnati, see if you can identify the exact spots and camera angles where the music video scenes featuring The WEB were shot. It’s some cool trivia to share with friends!