CliffHanger – Climbing Wall Cincinnati

We are proud to be adding Cliffhanger to our attractions!  Cliffhanger is an augmented climbing wall and is the first of its kind in the Tri-State area.

Cliffhanger Games 

  • Whack-a-Bat – whack as many bats as you can to rack up points. The bats fly quickly, so start climbing!
  • Climball – similar to the classic game of ping pong. No paddles necessary in this version – your body serves that purpose!
  • Sparks – dodge moving elements as you climb through the vertical virtual maze!

What is an augmented climbing wall?

  • An augmented climbing wall is an interactive climbing game system that projects graphics onto a climbing wall, and then tracks your movements as you interact with those graphics.  This system is  fun for all ages and skill levels.